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If this is an emergency, call 911.
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Core Values

Integrity: As a unit and as individuals, we strive to make decisions and provide services that are in the best interest of the University, and to always act with honesty, dedication, and accountability. We are charged with the critical responsibility of supporting and safeguarding the University and our surrounding community, including each individual employee, student, and visitor. We pledge to consistently engage with accountability, make transparent decisions based on best practices as well as what’s appropriate for our community, and ethically serve with dedication.

Service: We are committed to loyally serving through listening intently to understand the needs of our communities, and then deliberatively and thoughtfully responding with purpose, respect, courtesy, and efficiency. We are focused on meeting our duties with timeliness, innovation, and dependability to gain, maintain and protect the valued trust and safety of our University and the larger community.

Collaboration: Connected to our commitment to integrity, relationship building, and service, we seek to understand the diverse and important needs and perspectives of our University community and to include those perspectives in our decisions and problem-solving. We work to build internal and external partnerships in support of the University and its goals and to transparently communicate about our projects, functions, operations, and vision.

Innovation: We are nimble and adaptable, continually striving to reach or exceed the university’s goals and to meet the needs of our students, employees and visitors. We are both pragmatic experts in addressing the day-to-day needs of our institution and visionary in looking over the next horizon to forecast and proactively address tomorrow’s concerns.